Film Series

Radical Futurisms Screening Series

Radical Futurisms Film Series | Del Mar Theater | 7-9pm | Free


How are artists envisioning radical futures? This free film series assembles a diverse
group of visionaries whose films offer points of light in a dark world.


Part I: Wednesday, March 4th
– Featuring films by Black Audio Film Collective, Kahlil Joseph, Black Quantum
Futurism, Danis Goulet, and Woodbine Collective.

– Featuring films by Karrabing Film Collective, Sky Hopinka, Zapatista Army of
National Liberation (EZLN), Antonio Paucar, and Nanobah Becker.

– Featuring films by Isabelle Carbonel, Cauleen Smith, The Otolith Group,
Allora and Calzadilla, John Jota Leaños, Thirza Jean Cuthand, and Woodbine.